How to use floating candles

Floating candles are a beautiful addition to any event or function you may have. There are a lot of different ways to display them and put them in your decor. They give off a magical atmosphere that leaves your guests mesmerized and relaxed.

Step 1

Choose your preferred shape, scent and color of floating candle.


Step 2

Fill your transparent vase with water. Do not fill the water to the brim instead fill it up to an inch or so from the top.

Step 3

Choose your preferred accessories that you can add into the vase to add more elegance to the candle. For this tutorial i choose some simple flowers and sea shells.

Step 4

Place all the accessories into the transparent water bowl.Gently place your floating candle onto the water. When you are placing the candle make sure you hold it by the wick. The wick should remain dry.

Step 5

Light your floating candle and enjoy.