Reusing old candles

One of the major characteristics of being Kenyan is that we always fully utilize all our commodities. For instant majority of us after emptying a packet of milk will still add water to the packet, shake it and empty it out; full utilization of the milk. Today I will explain to you different ways of fully utilizing you old burnt out candles.

DIY home made candle

Melt your wax over low heat. Then pour it into your preferred container. Insert a new wick. Let it cool and harden overnight. You have yourself a custom creation that’s ready to be lit. Make sure you melt candles of the same color and scent for best results. However, if you are a risk taker you can mix up the candles and see what creation comes up.

Unsticking stuck objects like;

  1. Zips

Rub the wax on both sides of the teeth, and then zip up and down until the zip slides smoothly.

  1. Sticky drawers

Rub the candle along the runners, and then slide them in and out to spread the wax. This will act as a lubricant for the drawer.


Rub a candle over the object you wish to waterproof e.g. rubbers shoes, recipe cards. This will prevent water from flowing into the object and destroying it.

Art and craft projects like;

  1. Secret messages

Give your child a white burnt out tapered candle to use as a pencil. Let her/him write a message with it on a piece of paper. She/he won’t be able to see the writing, of course, until she/he adds a little watercolor to the paper and wow the writing appears. This can be your child’s way of communicating secret messages to you.

  1. Fancy letter seal

Use a long match to melt a colored candle onto an envelope, and then put your own stamp on it with a wax seal stamp.

Unsqueaking squeaky doors

Silence a door by removing the pins from the hinges of the offending door, then rubbing a paraffin candle over the pins. Replace the door, reinstall the pins, and then open and close the door a few times to evenly distribute the wax.

Wax as a filler for dents, gaps and scratches

Simply rub an old candle over the affected area until the wax completely fills the indentation. Follow up with a furniture marker or stain pen that matches the color of the surrounding.

Fabric decoration

Wax is used to create decorative fabric designs in traditional Indonesian batik crafts. Slowly melt wax over gentle heat. Then pour it onto a fabrics with your preferred pattern. Let the wax dry completely, and then immerse the material into dye. Because the waxed sections will not take the color, the material will be left with a unique design. To remove the residue after dyeing, cover the waxed sections with several layers of paper towel. Then iron on a warm setting.

Enjoy trying this simple projects before opting to throw away your used up candles.