How to clean up candle wax from various surfaces

The glow of lit candles always creates a great atmosphere for any occasion or event but the drips and pools of wax they leave behind can be a nightmare for some of us. The good news is that with a little patience, elbow grease and the knowledge am about to impact you with you’ll be able to remove wax from almost any surface. Here’s how you can remove wax from;


You can either pour hot water over the wax dripping or freeze the glass for an hour or so. This two methods will remove the wax. After wash the glassware with hot, soapy water to remove the residue.

Carpet, fabric furniture, curtains, linens

Gently scrap off the excess wax using a blunt object from the surface. Top of the affected area with tissue then iron over the tissue with medium heat. The tissue will absorb the melting wax. Repeat the process as need be. To finish blot leftover color stains with denatured alcohol.


Harden the dripped wax using a cold item such as ice cubes, then gently scrap off the cold hardened wax using an expired plastic card. Rub away residue with cream furniture wax.

Vinyl floor   

Soak the spot with hot water and wipe away the wax using a tissue. Repeat the process until all the wax has been removed. Then apply a multipurpose remover to remove the residue.

Painted wall

Place a tissue over the wax dripping on the wall apply medium heat over the tissue using an ironing box or preferably a blow drier. The tissue will absorb the melting wax. Repeat the process as need be. To remove the residue mix 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water to clean up the residue.


Freeze the wax with a frozen item. Gently scrap away the hard cold wax using a plastic expired card. Afterwards wash the brick with warm soapy water to clear the residue.

Leather furniture

When cleaning leather furniture you need to be very careful and swift. Place a tissue over the wax drippings move a blow dry on medium heat quickly over the surface to warm the wax but not burn the leather. Here I do not recommend using the ironing box because when the heated iron box comes into contact with the leather it will damage the leather. Then use a polish designed for leather furniture to keep the leather from drying out.


If the wax is on the tips of your hair, carefully place the hair tips in hot water and wipe off the melted wax immediately. If the wax is closer to the hair roots or short hair massage olive oil into the hair. This will loosen the wax off your hair.

From TV/Computer screens

Place a dry frozen item over the dripped wax. Then gently scrap off the cold hardened wax using a plastic expired card. Use mineral spirit to remove the residue.