Tealight candle Accessories

Tealight candles are normally made by pouring wax into 1.5 Inch by o.63Inch thin metallic or hard plastic cylindrical cups. However, custom tealight candles of various sizes, shapes and designs can also be made. Traditionally tea light candles were used to heat up tea hence there name tea light candles. 

Today tealight candles are used for decor and here are wonderful accessories that make tealight candles pop;

You can place the tealight candles in simple heat prove glasses of various shapes and designs.

For a more elegant look you can use tealight holders of various heights.

                                                                        If your feeling creative you can curve out your own tealight candle from apples.

You can also decorate simple heat prove glasses and place the tealight candles in the inside. Make sure to leave some room for the light to pass through.

                                                                                           For outdoor events you can place the tealight candle in a lantern to protect it from the window or rain.

You can also place them inside decorative bowls that are heat resistant.

Tealight candles have many great holders which i guarantee you will enjoy.