Candle Refill


Crimson candles offers a unique refill service where you are able to replenish your chosen container with your favorite fragrance, whether it is a used candle container or a receptacle selected to perfectly co-ordinate with your home and hotel interiors and taste.

Whenever you buy Crimson candle you can have it refilled with the same scent or a new fragrance! Simply return your empty candle container to us – in good, undamaged condition – and we will refill it for you.

Do you have a candle container from another candle company that you really love but now it’s empty? Or a beautiful container that you would like to be made into a candle? Our refill service covers that too! Let us know what size it is (you can use water and a measuring cup to get an approximation) and we will refill it with one of our own scents or leave it unscented for you.

Refills are done once per week and delivery is done on Fridays only (please note that delivery cost will apply).