Large Tealight Wax Warmer

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Our wax melt burner can do a marvelous job of creating a cozy welcoming vibes in your home. Just add your favorite wax melt scent to the top and light tealight at the bottom.

This mini tealight wax warmer is good for small spaces like office space, bathroom, bedroom or even if you have a small kitchen and Living room. Anywhere you style desires.

Each wax warmer comes with 2 complimentary tealights and 2 scented wax melts

How To Use:
1. Place a few wax melts into the top bowl.
2. Put a tea light into the body below the bowl.
3. Light the tea light.

1. Don’t touch the surface when the tea light is lit.
2. Pay attention to where the wax warmer will be placed. Since it will use an open flame, make sure the warmer is placed in a clutter-free area with good airflow.