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Assorted candle pack
Personalized gift set

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💓 1 wooden wick scented candle

💓 1 vanilla foaming handsoap

💓 1 room and linen spray (same scent as candle)

💓 4 assorted scented tealight candles

💓 2 assorted scented votive candles

💓 1 hand written personalized Valentines card

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Choose for me (Mystery), Amber Noir (Orange), Apple & Cinnamon (Red), Apricot peach (Red), Black Sea(Blue), Lavender(Purple), Lemon, Lime & Lemongrass (Lime Green), Pineapple (Yellow), Strawberry (Pink), Summer Fruits (Orange), Vanilla & Bergamot (Blue), Vanilla & Cinnamon (Brown), Vanilla & Coffee (Ivory)

Bath bomb

Choose for me (Mystery), Bergamot (Blue), Peppermint (White), Tea Tree (Yellow), Eucaliptus (Green), Rosemary (Red), Lemongrass (Orange), Lavender (Purple), Cinnamon (Brown)

Foaming hand soap

Choose for me (Mystery), White Pearl (White), Green Apple (Green), Herbal (Blue), Lavender (Purple), Lemon and Citrus (Yellow), Rose Petals (Pink), Apricot cocoa and Mango (Orange), Lemon (Yellow), Vanilla (Brown)

Epsom Salts

Choose for me (Mystery), Bergamot, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucaliptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavender, Cinnamon, Unscented

Kaolin Clay


Room & Linen spay

Choose for me (Mystery), Vanilla (Brown), Apricot Peach (Red), Lavender (Purple), Pineapple (Yellow), Summer Fruits (Orange), Vanilla and Bergamot (Blue), Vanilla and Cinnamon (Brown), Lemon Lime & Lemongrass (Green)

Personalized card

Mother's Day, Grandmother, Daughter, Birthday, Mother in law, Daughter in Law, Social Distancing, Best Friend, I'm Sorry, Sister, Congratulations, Soul Sister, Cousin, Stand tall, Thinking of you, Nurse, Life is tough, Nurse, Doctor, Niece, Aunt, You got this, Caregiver, My other Mother

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