Different types of candles

Majority of Kenyans view candles as only a combination of wax and wick, however, at Crimson Candles we offer a wider range of candles that we guarantee will heighten your senses and make you appreciate the beauty and wonder of candles.

Candle Categories

Here are the four major generalization of candle categories;

Unscented Candles
These are the most common type of candles in Kenya. As the name suggest it does not have any added fragrances. We highly recommend these candles for people who suffer from allergies or sinus related problems.

Scented Candles
These candles have added fragrances that elevates a space to the next sensory level. As the heavenly aroma is produced by the scented candle you drift away into a world of relaxation and beauty.

Non-colored Candles
These candles retain the natural color of the wax you are using. They ranging from pure white to slightly yellow. Lighting an uncolored Crimson candle gives off an eloquent timeless look that makes a place look classy and elegant.

Colored Candles
These candles come in varies colors. They can be one color or a mixture of different colors. Choosing the right color for your candle is very important because colors can play effects on the body as well as the mind.

Candle types

All the above candles categories can be further subdivided into the following candle types;


Pillar candles
These candles are thick, free standing candles that do not require a special base or container in which to burn. Pillar candles do not melt into a flabby muddle when burning thus making them safe to be used. They can have more than one wick. Pillar candles can come in various shapes cylindrical, square, star etc.



Container candles
As the name suggests the candle wax is poured into a non-flammable container where it solidifies. The container and wax become one. The container candle can have more than one wick depending on the size of the container.


Floating candles
Floating candles are candles with a large top and small bottoms that allows them to float steadily in water. They come in various shapes, designs and thickness depending on how long you want them to burn for.




Votive candles
They are also referred to as prayer candles. They are usually two inches tall by one and a half inches in diameter but they can also be taller depending on an individual’s liking. They are a combination of both pillar candles and container candles since before they are lit they are free standing and when they are lit they are placed in a container.



Taper candles

They are the most popular type of candles in Kenya. Taper candles are long, narrow cylindrical candles that narrow slightly from a wider base to a conical tip.





Tea light candles
Tea light candles are tiny candles in non-flammable containers. They are smaller than votive candles and are attached to their containers.




At Crimson Candles, we are quite aware that Kenya is a land of great diversity in its people and culture and that’s why we are not limiting ourselves to the above types of candles. We encourage our customers to participate in customizing their candles to best fit their desired look and scent. Thus we also offer:

Special shaped candle– our candles can come in various shapes like round ball, oval shaped, star shaped, heart shaped and basically any shape you wish your candle to be.

Mixed scented candles– if there is a special scent blend you wish to have tell us about it and we will blend the scents into your candle.

Embroider candles– at Crimson Candles we can customize our candles to relay different themes or messages to best fit our customers.

Occasion candles– some occasions call out for custom made candles specific for that function for example Christmas candles, Unity candles for wedding etc.