Votive candles

Votive candles are also referred to as prayer candles. Normally votive candles tend to be two inches tall by one and a half inches in diameter. Votive candles are usually accompanied with votive holders. Traditionally they were white or beeswax yellow and intended to be burnt as a votive offering in an act of Christian prayer. However, today votive candles are very versatile and therefore used for home and event decor.

Crimson candles votive candles

At Crimson candles we offer a large selection of Votive candles at affordable prices so as to make sure that there is something for everyone. We offer;

  1. Scented votive candles
  2. Unscented votive candles
  3. Colored votive candles
  4. White votive candles
  5. Custom made votive candles

Why choose votive candle for décor

  1. Longer burning time – A typical votive candle will burn for approximately 10 hours when placed in a votive holder.
  2. Easy to clean – After using a votive candle the burnt out wax builds up inside the votive container. To clean it up all you need to do is to freeze the votive container for 30 minutes, remove it, then the wax will pop right out.
  3. Affordable – Votive candles usually tend to cheaper as compared to other candles.
  4. Stunning appearance – A votive candle burning inside a glass holder has a classic elegant appearance.
  5. Recyclable container – A votive candle burns inside a votive holder which can be cleaned up and be recycled for use again.
  6. Versatility – Votive candles come in different colors, designs and they can be used for various occasions or purposes.

Best way to use votive candles

  1. Always make sure that you burn a votive candle in a votive holder. This will optimize the burning time by containing the melted wax which allows the candle to reach its full burning potential. Avoid burning votive candles in flat dishes or flat candle holders because votive candles are designed to be encapsulated in a proper receptacle while burning.
  2. Put a tiny amount of water into the votive holder so that the wax does not stick to the holder, preserving the holder for many more uses.
  3. Make sure to trim the wick ½ inch so as to reduce the size of the flame. If the flame is too large it can end up overheating the votive holder which might end up cracking.

Finally with all this in mind try out our various votive candles and enjoy the beautiful candle light.